‘Friends’ actor David Schwimmer helps police in stabbing case


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This week David Schwimmer is being praised for his heroic efforts in helping NYPD solve a stabbing case near his New York City townhouse. Police say that three men were arguing in an apartment building when the altercation became physical and one victim suffered stabbed several times in his face. One suspect is also accused of throwing a brick into the window of the apartment building. Schwimmer invited police into his home and showed them the surveillance he had received to help solve the case. The alleged perpetrator was arrested and is currently in custody, the victim is being treated in the hospital, and police are still looking for the third suspect after he fled the crime scene before officers could get there. Officers are not sure how much Schwimmer’s evidence may help but it was a great heroic gesture.


With the help of Schwimmer, law enforcement was able to have probable cause to arrest the suspects.