” From Innocence to Evil “; the problem of child soldiers.



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One of the biggest dilemmas in the world is what to do when you face armed children?. International laws and more the military codes defend an armed child. Under laws and codes these children are seen as innocent victims. They have rights that protect them from being harmed or imprisoned for committing crimes. At a young age, these armed children have very little to talk about violence. Many of these children are born within criminal groups.  Those groups take advantage of  their innocence and obligate them to hold a firearm at their short age to harm others.

If an armed child points at you with a gun, would you shoot him first? Last week Canada became the first country to take action against this conflict with armed children . The action was shoot first, If in a case of a confrontation with a young armed. However The government took this action to enforce protection to soldiers who struggled to know how to act properly in a situation like this. These confrontations are very common now days, the Canadian government said  as the main reason of the action taken. In fact, a very large number of child soldiers have been involved in conflicts against Mali, Iraq and the Philippines in the  recent times.

The leaders of those extremism groups had involved children in their actions because of the advantages they offer. These group leaders are more likely to involve children in their groups because they are cheap, obedient, and they are not afraid of anything when they are under the influence of drugs. They also offer the advantage of weakening their opponents morally by their innocent appearances. The story behind the truth is hided. How does kids get involved into armed groups?  Some extremist groups as the Islamist group offer educational opportunities as a way to get children for their armed campaigns. These groups get them into training  with weapons and commit suicide bombing missions. 

This is an act of child abuse and violence from extremist groups. What they do to kids of those ages, should be stopped .  They should grow in their innocence and choose their own lifestyle when they have experience life. But because of those who think of harm these kids are being kill. I believe that all governments shall work together to stop violence all around the world. I believed if they all do, they can. It requires compassion and love for others. When i think of a kid , i think of someone who just want to grow up and find his or her way of life. They never think of harm until they are thought. They never see someone different until they are are told. However; There are people with power that can help, but they just think of themselves and do little for others. Wisdom is needed for a solution to protect these children and help them get out of that nightmare. The best solution is not to take their lives away by shooting them, but to act with diligence to save an innocent person who was wrongly taught in his innocence.


Kids send into battles.

A powerful weapon against the injustice are the many voices of youth around the world protected by the wealth and stability of their democratic governments.  Problems can only be solved when awareness increases.