From Uber Driver to Hero



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Keith Avila, an uber driver, living in California started his day off like any other day. He picked up two women and a teenager and drove them to a Holiday Inn, as he was driving he kept hearing them talk about delivering the teen to a man named “John” and getting money in return. He immediately called the police after dropping them off. Once the police arrived, Avila started streaming live on Facebook and it went viral. The traffickers were arrested and charged with pimping and pandering; their bail set to $500,000.

Sex trafficking is the worst thing you could do to a person. The mental and physical abuse they go through is not repairable and so emotionally damaging. I do not understand how anyone could watch a person suffer that way and continue to make them do those things every day. I’m so glad that Avila made the right choice in calling the police, yet I cannot stop thinking about how many uber drivers are out there have turned the other cheek to suspicious situations like that.

One solution would be to always report suspicious activity, even for the smallest things. You never know when you will be saving someone’s life.

The Polaris Project is aimed at fighting against human trafficking and is a reliable source to report any suspicious activity.

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