Gang infection in El Salvador



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El Salvador is now one of the most dangerous countries in the world because of gang violence. Now days there is no peace in el Salvador; gangers are all over the country. This last three years gang violence has increased more than any other country in the world, not even the countries that are in war compare to el Salvador. The gangs are trying to scare civilians. They are making a truce between the two rival gangs to become stronger and fight the government. This country is getting crowded with gangers. Jails are totally full of criminals. The government is not doing anything to control this situation. Now gangers are not even fighting with rivals.

El Salvador gangs are not fighting its rivals; instead they are uniting to fight against the government. Gangers are actually making peace between the two groups Mara Salvatrucha 13 and La Mara 18 are angry at the government because of the movement of jails. This two group of gangers want to fight now the government. The Government wants  the two group of gangers in one single place all mixed up. What the government wants is the two rival gangs to kill each other. It will be easier for the government to get rid of the gangs infection if they put them all in one place. This is why the two group of gangers want to make a truce to become stronger and fight the government. This is one of the problems why this country is in this situation right now because of the transportation of gangsters to a different jail.

For more information on the gang violence in El Salvador and what some are doing to provide hope for the future click on this link from WAMU American Public Media: