Gary Johnson for the Win



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Do you know who you can vote for on November 8th? Did you realize that you don’t have to choose between Trump and Clinton if you don’t like either one?  Here is a sample ballot.from the 11th Congressional district of Virginia.

Gary Johnson has been governor in a border state. So he knows the complex issues with immigration reform first hand. Johnson feels that we should appreciate the diversity of immigrants that come to the United States. We also need to know that everyone who comes in is not so well intended. Gary Johnson does not want to just build a wall like Trump.  He understands that the solutions to complex problems require thought.

We should focus on creating a more efficient system of providing work visas, conducting background checks, and incentives to non-citizens to contribute and become citizens. We should make it simpler and more efficient to enter the United States legally. This will help provide a better security and economy for the people while focusing on those who threaten our country. Most immigrants want to come in and live a better life and just make money.

If you would like to look more on this issue follow this link .

Gary Johnson in my opinion would be an amazing President. Will a vote for him make a difference?  Can you imagine if he changed the Presidential politics by not allowing any candidate to earn 270 electoral votes? I really do believe in his fight. He would be great when it comes to immigration and he would be even better at leading the economy.

In 2012 Gov. Johnson was praised as having the best “job creation” record of all presidential candidates. Johnson fits the role better than any other candidate to be the commander and chief of this country. He really has his mind straight.  Too much of politics today is simply a loss of emotional control.

Follow this link to read more about what Gary wants to do with jobs.