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  • TheQueen54May 7, 2015 at 2:15 pm

    I think it’s easy to look at the downsides and the negativity to the issues of this corrupt society. I’m very sorry for your friend. However, I believe that religion and discrimination has completely whitewashed the true message God tries to output. That message is unconditional acceptance. The truth is that LGBT are no different from any other human being. Humanity is prone to sin, no one is perfect. Just like how people discriminate against blacks, a singular social group can’t be blamed for the hate of a few, but the nature of humanity in whole.

    You’re so right about how Jesus didn’t come to exclude others. Jesus accepted, and even exalted the sinners who repented(In order to shame the wise). Many of His disciples were considered the best of sinners. The act of baptism doesn’t save a human being, but repentance and accepting that God(Jesus, The Holy Spirit, and Father) are flawless and that humanity is just plain messed up.

    In conclusion: God is perfect- And humanity will never be.

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