Gazans try to send a message to their government

Gazans try to send a message to their government


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The Gaza strip is located southeast of the Mediterranean sea, this is a small piece of land just northeast of Egypt is made up of Palestinians, who do not like the current political situation with Israel. In 1948 Israelis pushed Palestinians south and west as they began to conquer land. Palestinians refuse to recognize Israel as a state, but also do not like their own current divided government.

Any government will not keep the loyalty of its citizens if it does not provide the basic services for them. Young citizens such as Ayman Amoul are taking actions into their own hands using social media to expose the lack of satisfaction their current government is providing.  For this act of holding his government accountable he was arrested in his own home by half a dozen Hamas police officers.

“Activists in Gaza say social media campaigns critical of Hamas have gotten the attention of the armed Islamist group that has ruled Gaza for nearly a decade now. Ramzy Herzalla, 27, an activist who was arrested the same week as Aloul, says one campaign rallied against Hamas plans to charge a fee to enter a public park. The plans have not gone into effect.”

This proves that any kind of educated citizens can take actions into their own hands and draw more attention to help provide support as they are trying to send a message to their government letting them know they they are the ones that should be supporting its people. In a place as divided as the Middle East you can always try to seek democratic values for change if you have the right tools, such as social media in this case.