George Washington



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Commissioned in 1754 as the the military leader during the French and Indian War. After victory against the French and Native Indians he became a hero due to the military success he had accomplished. He also played a major role during the Declaration of Independence, he was chosen yet again to lead the patriot army against the English red coats. At first that revolution was not looking so bright because his army was tragically outnumbered until more patriots and French settlers joined the revolution.

The main threat at this point of the war was the English Navy because we didn’t have a strong navy until we allied with the French which gave us a navy force. George Washington was also the  first of many presidents of the United States of America born and raised in Virginia.  He was the only president that was elected without any political parties. He set traditions for other to follow after he has left office. Traditions he set were 2 year terms. He basically set up the idea of the “Balance of Power” by demonstrating he didn’t want to seize people even when he has the opportunity to become a king.