Georgia Executes Woman



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Was the execution the right choice?

For the first time in 60 years the state of Georgia carried out the death penalty on a woman who had someone kill her husband.  The killer was sentenced to life. Also, the killer was her boyfriend and through a plea deal he saved his own life.

The woman’s name was Kelly Gissendaner. She was killed at 12:21 a.m. at a Georgia Detention Center. Although, the man who carried out the murder, Gregory Owen, received a life sentence.

Pope Francis who was on his six-day trip in U.S. spoke against the execution but obviously this effort didn’t succeed.  The Pope and the Catholic Church teach that the death penalty is immoral in our modern democratic world.


In the photo above Pope Francis is shown as a servant leader of all people.  He has visited prisoners in different countries including recently in the US. Pope Francis believes as the leader of the Catholic Church that all human justice should also show mercy.

Similar to the Pope, I believe that Kelly didn’t deserve to be executed because she didn’t actually kill her husband by her own hands. Although, she definitely deserved the consequences of her decision. Just like the pope, I believe that nobody deserves to be executed. However, in this situation, if the state was going to execute anybody, the murderer should’ve been the one who was in Kelly’s position.