Getting to know Cannibal Serial Killer Dahmer

Getting to know Cannibal Serial Killer Dahmer


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Jeffrey Dahmer was a Cannibal Serial Killer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He caught his first body days after graduating from high school. He raped and dismembered 17 young men between 1978 through 1991. After being convicted he was shortly murdered in jail by a fellow inmate. Growing up Dahmer lived in a dysfunctional home, his mother was mentally ill and his father never was around because of his mom. During his high school years, Dahmer’s father left his family due to he and his wife always fighting. It wasn’t long after when his mother decided to move as well and start somewhere new with Dahmer’s younger brother and left him to live alone, not knowing she was leaving a son who really needed her.

My Friend Dahmer is a graphic novel on Cannibal Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer. This novel was written by an old friend of Dahmer’s, Marc Meyers, who was a fellow classmate and overtime became Dahmer’s friend. In this novel it briefly describes Dahmer’s childhood, what it was like living his life everyday, experiencing isolation and self resentment for not being able to open up to anyone because his desires were very horrifying and not something a normal person would think of. This novel brings you into a world of a person that was not able to save himself along with a person who really did not want to become the person he became.

When I read this book, I was very surprised on the descriptions used. I’ve read other books about Dahmer and even watched plenty of documentaries, but none was ever so helpful to me to understand as to why a person would ever think of such thing or do. I highly recommend My Friend Dahmer if you are into serial killers and want to get to know them.

Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)