Girly Girl Marine


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Many people tell me that’s it weird that I want to join the U.S. Marine Corps just because I’m a girl. I hear criticism from absolutely everyone, especially guys, about how I won’t be able to handle basic training or even be able to handle the stress you get while being in the armed forces just because I’m a girl, and a girly girl at that. To be quite honest, every girl can do the same exact things a man can do, and sometimes us girls, can do the things guys do way better! I grew up in a military family, therefore I can handle most of the things that come from being in the Armed Forces. I don’t stress about basic training, I started training to get myself fit for when I ship out to basic training. The girls that decided to join the armed forces are strong and know they’re capable of facing the stress, the physical ability that comes with being in the armed forces, especially through basic training.