Going Out To Eat

Going Out To Eat


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How many times a month do you go out to eat? Would an increase in cost keep you eating at home?  I say vote no on the meals tax.


I work at a restaurant that is one of the most popular places for Italian eating in the greater DMV area.

Trattoria Villagio is located in old town of Clifton, VA. They sell a wide variety of delicious food. We have plenty of good service. They will help you find out what you will like to eat. Additionally, we have a full team of cook workers that will cook delicious food for you to eat. Commanded by our chefs Justin Gudiel and Angel Gonzales. They are the in charge of our kitchen.

Have you ever considered how many people are at work behind every good meal that you eat at a nice restaurant?

To serve a good food. there have to be enough to do a very good work, and to cook good food. if we cook a good food. the people will come to our restaurant to eat again. There always have to be an extra person if any case a worker have an injury. They will have a extra person to replace. Some people work by salary, so they have to work certain hour of time at work. They have to work 12 or 13 hours at day. However, we have some of us have a 40 minutes or more than that to take a break. On that time we can do another stuffs that we need to do. For example, if we need to a homework. We can do it by that free time that we are having.


What is the 2016 meals tax referendum?

Fairfax County voters will be asked whether to approve a 4 percent sales tax on prepared food and beverages.

The meals tax would provide an additional $70 million for the county school system and is also slated to provide $30 million in property tax relief and cover other county expenses. County property owners pay $2.4 billion in real estate taxes each year.


The meals tax is not a good idea because it will raise the price of our meals to the buyer and bring down business by keeping some at home. Now the meals tax is about 4% on our food meals that we pay for our food in a restaurant. This would mean that the current sales tax of 6% would be raised to 10%.  They are saying that this money that will come out is for our school. They are saying that it will help the schools to be better because more good stuff will come to our schools. Do the schools really need more money or do we need to spend our money in better ways?   If the meals tax slows business and jobs then the economy including the schools will feel the effects.

Come out and enjoy a great and inexpensive meal with family and friends.