Gov. Bob McDonnell Confronts Authority

Gov. Bob McDonnell Confronts Authority


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On Thursday Sep.4 2014 Gov. Bob McDonnell was found guilty of 11 out of 14 charges committed during his  trial in court. His wife Maureen was also found guilty of 9 out 14 charges of corruption, It has been a shock for the entire government and people that admired McDonnell.

McDonnell was not only found to receive gifts an loans from Jonny Williams the owner of star scientific a nutritional company, but he traded information of the government actions. This problem has been a humiliation for the governor that once was considered a possible running mate for Mitt Romney. McDonnell and his wife are accused for taking more than $165,000 from gifts and loans from Williams.

McDonnell accepted all charges, but he replied once again that there was nothing illegal with exchanging Mr. Williams personal friendship and generosity. He said that the loans had been repaid with interest and the gifts have also been returned.  The debate is about the exchange of money for favors being public or private.  In a democracy,  citizens are not supposed to buy power and influence with public officials.

“McDonnell’s status as a GOP luminary was cemented when he was chosen to deliver the Republican response to President Obama’s State of the Union speech in 2010.   But the corruption scandal that erupted in McDonnell’s final months as governor killed what was left of his political career”

-Virginia politics expert Larry Sabato.

I believe that we all make mistakes sometimes.  When public authority figures make mistakes it can cost a lot.  Although governors supposed to be an example for people, even the major examples fails into a bad situation and sometimes a worse punishment.