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Skeptics from different states through out the U.S., have claimed that when they try burning snow it wont melt. This is a spreading rumor like butter on a bagel. More and more citizens are going along with conspiracy theories.  Some are trying to prove its fake snow, and some are trying to prove its real snow. This debate is going back and forth in social media’s around the world. There’s a video in which they try to melt some snow they scooped off the floor. They add a lighter flame to the snow and it seems to darken up with smoke residue. The point of this video was to inform its audience of the suspicion that snow is not real. The makers of this video also believe weather is being manipulated by the government, in order to achieve a military weapon.

I think that snow is real as it has always been. But what really bothers me is how they came up with a good support for their argument. They mentioned it could be the government who is controlling the weather, and using it in order to achieve a military weapon. This is what bothers me, like how do we really know if in deed our own government will endanger its own citizens for military uses of the weather?    Related articles