Government cooperation make a great difference in the world.

Cooperation is the key to globalization.

Cooperation is the key to globalization.

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Cooperation is a great way to show empathy towards each other and can create a strong united nation.  The purpose of the United Nations is to bring an international goal of cooperation to the world.


How can government cooperation can strengthen another nation?

When a nation makes a bond with another nation this is the start of a global friendship.  Friends challenge each other but friends also have common goals.  The common goals for the United Nations include the protection of human rights.  Nations, like individuals need dialogue and compromise so they can explore the areas that surround each other, protect the general welfare of their citizens and treat each other as a united nation.  When nations share ideas they try to break the limits that represent an obstacle to them.

Each nation has the right and responsibility to provide for its people and when that nation can’t do it the other nation gives support to the nation in need of strength to protect its people.

I think that one day we can make a great difference in whole world by cooperating with each other.