Government Safety Mandate or Miracle?



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On Saturday a fishermen went to Utah River and he surprisingly found a wrecked car in the river. There was a baby in the car trapped there for around half a day until this fisher saved the baby’s life. The car was flipped upside down and he called 9/11. Emergency rescued the 18 month girl, she was found in her car seat, alive but in critical condition. Rescuers found her mom but unfortunately she was dead. Firefighters and EMT went to the hospital for hypothermia from saving this girls life.

Government safety standards require child restraint seats until the age of 8.  Do you think this saved the baby’s life?  Sometimes our life is just in the hands of destiny but it is nice to know that Government laws actually do protect the most innocent of citizens.

I have so much respect for the people that risked their lives for this girl. I give them my honor and also I am very glad to hear the girl is alive. The investigators are still looking into what was the reason for the accident but I think she wasn’t paying attention and it was late at night, thus making her tired and more prone to having an accident.

Firefighters, EMT, Police Officers, and people in the army risk their lives for our safety everyday. That shows a lot of loyalty and self respect of those people to preserve and protect the core democratic value of life. It also shows that people can do good for others, and when they do it’s the most special thing in the world. I think they did a great job and they could not have done anything to save that young girl’s mom. Do you think the EMT did a good job?