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Source: Database Healthily Vegetarians. Book Becoming Vegetarian. Page 62, 64, 66.  What are grains? Grains are small had dray seeds with or without attached of fruit layer harvested for human or animal consumption. Are whole Grains nutritious food? Absolutely whole grains are nutrition power house .there are good sources of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals they also are great sources of fiber, such as phenolic compound.

Are Grains good for you or bad? Grains are very good for the body because some whole grains tend to be highly in many nutrients. There are three most commonly consumed type are wheat rice and corn. Whole grains contain an abundance of nutrients and fiber which contribute to healthy. All whole grains food most important to balanced diet decrease risk of diabetes.

How to add whole grains to your diet? Adding more whole grains are healthy not do they provide the vitamins, whole grains also contain dietary fiber. Grains are dividing in two subgroups, whole grains contain the entire kernel. The brain, germ and endosperm.

How many parts of grains? There are three parts of grains brain germ and endosperm. Brains is the outer layer and rich in fiber. Germ is the inner, layer and is rich in nutrients. The endosperm is the bulk of the kerns and contain some of vitamin and minerals. What are the causative agent of grains are widely diverse in shape size texture and color depending on the etiologic negative agent. Why is important to eat grains? Health benefits. Consuming grains as part of healthy diet may reduce the risk of heart disease consuming foods containing fiber, such as whole grains, as part of a healthy diet may reduce constipation. Eating whole grains may help will weight management.

How Mach whole grains should you eat a day? Grains: are more important sources B vitamins thiamin rib Flavin niacin and minerals (iron, magnesium and selenium)
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