Greivences of The Declaration

Greivences of The Declaration


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The declaration of independence was written over 200 years ago in 1776 and it isthe reason why Americans shoot fireworks in the sky on the 4th of July. Its thought of as a “break up letter” to the king of England and that’s exactly what it was. Thomas Jefferson stated every right that the king was taking away  and declared independence from England. Every human being has unalienable god given rights, the king cannot grant our rights and he did not get his power from God. Signed by the heads of every colony in the constitutional congress, this was sent over to England and was the first step of revolution.

The purpose of a government is to assure the the protection of its peoples natural rights and keep them safe. The British government had not done that for the colonies and King George III is the one to blame. Almost half of the grievances in the declaration are blamed on him. He quartered troops in peoples homes without their consent. He did not let allow the colonists any form of representation. The big one that everyone learns in History class, no taxation without representation. The French and Indian war left England broke and with debt that they paid off by taxing the hell out of the colonists. The intolerable acts halted the building of towns and raised the tax on sugar to where only the wealthy could afford it. After a while it gets to the point where they wont tolerate it anymore and revolt, hence “intolerable ” acts. They went as far as to write him a letter of why they don’t like the way he does things and him in general. King George may have been hated by some of the Patriot colonists as much as the Jews did Hitler.

Its unlikely for a government overthrow this to happen again thanks to our trusty constitution. We have the power to amend unconstitutional laws and add new ones that are for the better general welfare of the people.  We have a representative democracy in which every state has representation, every state has a say in the decisions made by federal government. Its no longer about whats beneficial for the King but about the general welfare  and the balance of power between citizens and three government branches in these United States.

Mr Hardy’s US History Class