Guardians Of The Galaxy Movie Review



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Marvel Studio’s has done it again with another film, and like it is predecessor The Avengers which released in 2012. Guardians Of The Galaxy had a successful release. I thought this movie lived up to its expectations. When I left the theatre all I wanted to do is watch it again. The basic scenario of this movie is about a gang of criminals, led by Peter Quill, aka “Star Lord”, who are the only hope for the galaxies survival because the primary villain named “Ronan The Accuser” is power hungry and wants to to take over the galaxy.

The director of the film, James Gunn , does a great job creating a family friendly comedy, action and adventure film. The director worked on films such as the non- cartoon Scooby doo film back in 2004, which was a comedy action, family film. So this film was a really big step for him. It was a big step for him because he is new in making a film for Marvel Studios and he had to somehow top the Avengers movie, which to me was the best film Marvel has ever made. I applaud James Gunn because to make that big of a transition gives me respect for bringing all that he could to the table to make one of the best films of the summer.

The movie is famous for its comedy, and that’s the reason I loved this movie a lot is because it made me laugh so much and it is hard for any film to make me laugh. Vin Diesal the actor who plays Groot was one of the funniest characters in the movie next to Bradley Cooper who played Rocket the talking raccoon. The reason Groot was funny is because he only knows how to say Groot, and he does that throughout the entire movie. Rocket, the talking raccoon played by Bradley Cooper, is funny because first, he’s a random talking raccoon and second, the fact that he carries a huge gun because he’s so little is funny. The transition from the Avengers and this movie shows that Marvel never disappoints.

I would recommend this film to people who want to laugh and have a great time. Also if you love the Star Wars Saga this movie does a great job in making similar settings that could actually make you believe you were watching Star Wars. When the credits are over all you want to do is get back in line and watch it all over again. Guardians of the Galaxy isn’t just a fun-filled, laugh-filled, space fantasy comedy, it is one of the best, most crowd-pleasing blockbusters in years. I rate this movie 10/10.