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Half of my family is from Guatemala. To me Guatemala is a very important place.There is a lot of poverty in Guatemala. As a kid I have seen things I’d say no one should ever witness. Guatemala is a place where I learned that I should take advantage of all my gifts and privileges because not everyone has them. I should also make something out of myself because I have resources to do so.  I have opportunities that others do not so I should make the most of them.

A secret U.S. involvement in Guatemala, and Central America during the cold war made the region get worse. It made the region worse in a lot of ways. After the United States decided to take action there have been more dictators in that region. The American objective to limit the spread of communism in Guatemala and other areas of Central America was called covert operations. The objective was to stop communism in Guatemala.

Guatemala elected Jacob Arbenz Guzman as president in 1951.  By 1954 the CIA decided to invert into Guatemala. Also communist Czechoslovakia delivered arms to Guatemala.  President Guzman was elected by the people and believed communism would be best for the Guatemalan people. The CIA responded by arming and training the Guatemalan opposition in secret camps. The secret camps were located in Nicaragua and Honduras.  A little bit after the CIA-trained forces invaded all of Guatemala, Arbenz Guzman left office. Once Guzman left office there was no more communism in Guatemala but there were dictators instead of democracy.

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