gun deaths and terrorism attack

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Graph: American deaths from terrorism vs. gun violence

People all over the world get gun charges, because everywhere in the world people can get weapons easily from the black web to underground sales and having unlicensed weapons can lead to deaths all over, to innocent people even to kids everyplace has their own rules like in Florida you don’t need a license to have a gun but in other states like VA you need a license. You must be 18 or older to own a gun.



Gun violence vs. terrorist attack 2004-2013


From 2004 the deaths of Americans was 29,569 but when the years go by the deaths increase. By 2013 it increases by 4,000, in San Diego the president at the time President Obama had to speak 15 times about gun violence.CNN found that from 2004 and 2013, 316,545 people died by firearms on U.S. soil.


Since 2004-2013 It has stated from CNN that all terrorism incident inside the US

There were 36 people killed in domestic acts of terrorism and it brings the total to 313 

Includes the following incidents for domestic terrorism incidents:


Knoxville church shooting (Tennessee) 7/27/08

Pittsburgh police officers killed (Pennsylvania) 4/4/09

Tiller abortion clinic (Kansas) 5/31/09

Holocaust Museum shooting (DC) 6/10/09

Fort Hood shooting (Texas) 11/5/09

Plane crash into Austin IRS building (Texas) 2/18/10

Fort Stewart Army base killing (Georgia) 12/10/11

Sikh Temple Shooting (Wisconsin) 8/7/12

St. John’s Parish police ambush (Louisiana) 8/16/12


Gun deaths

  August 20th, 2019

What the data says about gun deaths in the U.S

Last month during the recent mass shooting at El Paso, Texas, Dayton, Ohio

The government has brought renewed attention to deadly mass gun violence in the us. President Donald Trump and lawmakers contemplate policy responses there are 10 common questions about gun death in the us, based on data from CDC (center for disease control and prevention). The gun deaths in the us is 100 deaths in total 37 out of 100 percent  were murders and 60 out 100 percent was suicide the 3 percent was others 

        The number of gun deaths in the us changed over time there been 39,773 total gun deaths in 2017 the most they seen since 1968.