Gunman targets students at crowded FSU library



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Before a  gunman wounds three people at Florida State University library, the gunman sent ten packages out. This is what the U.S. Postal Inspection said friday. Investigators collected Mayron Mays packages and they said to have had hazardous content in them. May was killed by police on thursday during the shooting at FSU. Mayron May had been sending priority mail to people and inside had a video and a letter asking for their mailing addresses. A former friend of May, Paul, received a package, Paul commented that it didn’t seem like he would’ve hurt him and then went on about how surprising it was that May would do this. He thinks in these packages they can find more evidence on why he did these acts of crime. Also investigators are doing further research to understand the reason May was sending these packages.

The victims that received the packages should of done a better job notifying Police Officials, so the shooting could of been prevented. These type of tragic events keep happening more often in the U.S. and to be honest it’s scary because it isn’t terrorism from another country, the threats are coming from our him soil. It’s weird that they haven’t found out what Mays intentions were for shooting at innocent FSU students. He might of had a certain hatred towards FSU in general after going there. In the investigation they should look back onto his records while he was attending FSU and see whether something happend to him traumatic. This topic jumped out at me and i think that it should be looked into, because as a senior at Mountain View High School I don’t feel safe attending a college that supposedly should be safe, when in reality it isn’t that safe. Im not saying all campuses are unsafe but there has been increased amounts of kidnappings, rape, and shootings at campuses. Is it scary to anyone else? and what do you think is sparking all this hatred to harm other people?images