Guns in America

Guns in America


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A 2 year old boy who lives in South Carolina shot his grandmother.

He was riding with his grandmother and found a gun in the car. His grandmother was driving her sister’s car. The police still are investigating.  They may press charges to the woman’s sister. Luckily the grandmother is still alive. The police didn’t mention any names.

The grandmother’s sister said this “I own a gun, I live alone, travel alone, I am vulnerable; that’s why I have my weapon in an accessible position. I have a two-door car — I don’t carry children in my car, ever”.

Image: A Smith & Wesson .357 magnum revolver

This problem related to guns is affecting our country daily.  In this democratic republic that values life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness we live daily in danger from guns. Guns shouldn’t be allow to be carried so freely bu our citizens. Freedom is beautiful but some people take this to another level.  More guns = more deaths by gun but some people act as if more guns = more security and freedom.

All this daily death by guns would be easy to avoid if guns were not legal or at least if they were more closely regulated like the way we regulate other things such as automobiles. When children freely get their hands on guns that is due to the irresponsibility of their owners and too much freedom on the regulation of these deadly tools.  If only the police would have guns for the reason that they are the only ones who need them to work then society would be safer but those who disagree are scared of the power of police and the government. Guns are just taking life away.