Gustavito the hippopotamus



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This is the story of Gustavito who was a little hippopotamus that they brought from Guatemala to the zoo of El Salvador. They transferred Gustavito to the zoo of el Salvador  when Gustavito was 3 years old. When they were going to bring Gustavito they put him a tramp to get him in the cage they put him floor so he could get in the tramp  when he get to the cage they take. One of the reporter said that she had it the opportunity to take the report when they were taking Gustavito to el Salvador. She said that Gustavito family love him so much that everything was for Gustavito and when they going to take Gustavito to EL Salvador the family of Gustavito was very sad. They tried to take him out of the tramp but they could and the long path the Gustavito take was hard Gustavito almost die when they were translating him to the zoo of El Salvador and she said that when they get to the border of El Salvador with Guatemala they did wanted to let Gustavito pass To El Salvador. He almost die in the path because the weather it hot there and he need water and the stop in the gas station to buy when some water. That reporter said that Gustavito never should move to El Salvador .  The violence in El Salvador it so horrible that some people kill Gustavito they are so cruel with people and animal and they don’t have heart to harm the animal what they do to Gustavito it not fair he was just a animal. He didn’t bother them and they kill him. In a very horrible way. They will paid for killing the poor animal. He is not the only animal who dies like that there are other animals that die same way as Gustavito. It very sad and heart breaker to  see that in this not even the animals could have peace. The violence in el Salvador is so bad and that person who kill the poor animal they will paid. For killing the poor animal.                                                                                      Image result for gustavito el salvador