Handala; a symbol of the struggles of Palestinian refugees

Handala; a symbol of the struggles of Palestinian refugees


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The Handala is a cartoon drawn by a famous Palestinian artist named Naji-al-ali. The Handala is and will always be a 10 year old boy who will always remain true to himself and the people of Palestine. He was drawn as a child who is not normal looking; his hair is like hedgehog needles depicted as thorns as his weapon of self defense. He is barefooted like the Palestinian refugees and he is an icon of protection.  His hands are tied behind his back as a sign of rejection to American-Israeli solutions. The handala is one of the most famous cartoon drawings in the arab world. Although Ali had become loved by many people looking for hope, his drawing also attracted a lot of hatred and received death threats to himself and his family. Ali was assassinated in 1987 at the age of 50 in London.

This cartoon is showing the united states zipping the mouths of the neighboring countries such as Jordan, Kuwait, and Turkey. The green map below shows the green as the Arab regimes in the middle east during time of rising conflict between Palestine and Israel.



The Map above highlights the Arab world in green. Below is a brief video explaining the existence of the nation of Israel and its relationship to the Palestinian arabs who see Israel as occupiers.


  • At the end of this video, John Green makes a good point on why no matter the situation or resolution, both sides were promised land that split most of the country into two equal sides that ended up in Israel increasing their land via army.
  • Why do Palestinians see themselves as refugees?

– Because they have been denied a state for decades now and live under military occupation

  • Who took rule of Palestinian authority after the death of Yasser Arafat?

– Hamas, which gained support over its social welfare, this has caused a split between the Gaza strip and the West bank. Israels official negotiation partner was the Palestinian authority which is not an extremist group.

This map is showing the difference and separation between the Gaza strip and the west bank and Israel its self. Jordan being a neighboring country to these conflicting countries, is one of the destinations for Palestinian refugees.



For information on how the situation between Israel and Palestine is affecting American politics in the upcoming 2016 election click the link below.