Hands of Peace


Dannia Contreras

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March 1st, 2017



Okay, so, I am actually really excited to talk about this today. Today, we had PT (physical training) from 5:30 Am- 6:30 AM (per usual for mondays, wednesdays and fridays.)

Then, at 8 am we started out 5 hour session of Hands of Peace. It was the most fun “training” we have ever had. It dug deep into our emotions pushing us out of our comfort zones to learn more about ourselves and each other. I loved every minute of it. We had a great balance of deep conversations and light conversations/games. I got to bond with my team more than I ever have before. My team also came up with “Oak 1 Team Charter” which is a list of ground rules to follow throughout the year to be able to live together without conflict (or minimal conflict.)

Doing this today was definitely a really nice break from classroom CTI’s.