Harriet Beecher Stowe

Harriet Beecher Stowe


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Harriet Beecher Stowe was an abolitionist, who grew up with an education which was not very common in that time for women. She was in Ohio for 18 years and spent time talking to enslaved women and learned about their lives from southern friends (textbook p. 290) . She wrote the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It was the second best selling book in the 19th century, after the Bible. In addition to describing the lives of real slaves it talked about stereotypes that people make about black people. She interviewed slaves on how they lived. Her book became influential in the UK and US. It was about anti slavery, so it made the south mad. She continued to write books, she wrote like 20. Shes been influential for her writings and her stand on the issues of today.

I think that she was a good person who stood up for what she believed in and wrote it in her books. The book was a cause for the Civil War because some people did not agree with her abolitionist cause while others became more motivated to support the abolitionist movement after reading her book. I think shes a great person because she bought a home so African American kids could go to school, which showed how much she cared.

“…the heart has no tears to give,–it drops only blood, bleeding itself away in silence.”
― Uncle Toms Cabin

In the quote above I think she means that tears can always be healed but the blood represents the wound of slavery going on, and that it has to stop because its a big wound in the world destroying people. Her movement and everything was to stop slavery, because of all she has seen.