Hatred Towards America: Not a Great Thing

Hatred Towards America: Not a Great Thing


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On Friday January the 27th President Donald Trump signed an executive order titled, “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States.” In order to save the country, he put a  ban on travel from major Muslim countries. He banned citizens and refugees from seven Muslim countries from entering the United States: Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Iran, Yemen, Sudan, and Libya. To be honest, I strongly disagree on some points, but agree on others. A lot of issues would come up as you have a really high percentage of Muslim companies in the U.S. There are also foreign national who relatives in the U.S. This can only create tension and more hatred between Muslims and Christians.

I am not Muslim, I am Christian, but I am from Egypt which might be added to that list. However, I am strongly advising Trump to not do that. I am from Egypt, and I am a legal resident of the United States. In my opinion it is not a Muslim Ban. It’s a 90 day halt of entry from seven dangerous countries until procedures are improved. It has been done before, and it’s a matter of sovereignty. The media is agitating the masses because they have their own agendas. I can’t believe some folks are that gullible. Believe it or not, Muslims still have their own rights in the United States. However, that means I am not fully supporting the idea.  I want everyone to be as one hand, and to not start a new fight, and new hate between Christians, and Muslims.

Indeed, President Trump has a point, but he did not do it correctly. Do you know how many people may face death just because you refused them into your country? Millions. How will Muslims react towards Christians or any other religion that refuses them? They obviously will have high percentage of hate towards them. Companies won’t feel safe dealing with a country that is against some religions, and being that offensive. President Donald Trump, you promised us to make America great again, but this executive order will create more hatred toward America. That cannot be great.