Hats for days



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At our amazing school of Mountain View we get an awesome privilege that no other school I’ve heard of gets, we’re allowed to wear hats!

I personally wear a hat to school every day. To be completely honest majority of the time is because I’m having a bad hair day.

According to the etiquette of hats, you’re not supposed to have a head covering in any government building or any type of house of worship, unless it’s a part of your culture or religion.

But who gets to set the bar and tell a student that his head covering doesn’t have a legitimate reason to be worn?

Another reason why school officials don’t allow their kids to wear hats is because they think it has a relation to gangs. To me that’s crap because gangs can wear other matching articles of clothing. If they all wear they same colored shirts, are the schools going to ban shirts? No. So whats the difference with a hat?

Safety regulations are another reason but come onnnn, seriously, what can you hide under your hat? Not a gun, not a knife, not even a little pointer laser. If administrators had an actual suspicion of someone causing endangerment by hiding something under their hat, they can just check! A quick “take your hat off” check wouldn’t hurt anyone.

I’m very grateful for going to a school that allows us to express our own identities by allowing us to wear hats.