Heart Attack




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An example of a heart attack, which can occur ...
An example of a heart attack, which can occur after the use of a performance-enhancing drug. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heart attacks have no have cure but can be prevented.  A heart attack can happen when blood flow to the heart becomes blocked and a section of the heart muscle is damaged or dies.  This is, called a myocardial infarction. Other symptoms are nausea and/or vomiting, sweating, or some chest pain.  Heart Attacks are more common among people who are older and lower socioeconomic status (poor).


The difficulties for people who have heart attacks are that they cannot run, work or do some exercises because they get tired easily. They have fatigue (tired and weak most of the time), and is a leading cause of death and disability worldwide.


People who have a heart attack need to stay healthy. They can control their cholesterol levels (fat in the blood) by regularly exercising, eating a healthy diet and drinking a lot of water everyday.  A healthy diet is one the has a lot of vegetables and fruit.  People should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.  Also, some medicines help to keep the heart healthy like aspirin and heparin.


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