Help Mountain View Students Get a Scholarship!

Help Mountain View Students Get a Scholarship!


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The Mountain View Foundation provides $60,000 in scholarships each year to graduating seniors.  This money comes from donations in small chunks.  It is provided to Mountain View graduating students in $2,500 or less scholarships, which is enough to become a Computer Service Technician ($1,548), Web Developer ($1,903), Welder ($2,685), Network Technician ($1,956), Certified Nursing Assistant ($1,400), Pharmacy Technician ($1,655), EMT ($1,941) and many other good careers.  100% of donations to the Mountain View Foundation flow through to student scholarships.

Our Foundation has Teamed up with Centre Ridge Chipotle in Centreville, VA.

On Feb 23 between 11am & 3pm, 1/2 of the proceeds from any lunch purchased by a customer showing the attached flyer on their phone or just telling the cashier, “This is for Mountain View!” will go to the Mountain View Foundation.

Send this to your friends, family and neighbors.  Let’s get that place mobbed!