Hiding Behind The Screen – An Editorial



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Today’s youth is obsessed with image. At one point in life most have caught themselves worrying about what others thought about their image, correct? But has social media made this insecurity worse? Social media reinforces likability and also has the credibility of social acceptance.

Imagine yourself; you are in line for Starbucks, at the doctor’s office, school, and even driving. All around you people are absorbed. They could almost fall into their screens.

Is it because we are absolutely engrossed with the self-sacrificing gratification technology offers, or is it to avoid social interaction?

If we were to go back twenty-five years and look at the youth and compare; you would find the “go-getters” interacting with people and finding their own way. What happened to being adventurous and exploring our human appetite to transcend? Instead I find people who won’t even have a conversation with their friends or families who just so happen to be right next to them.

Instead of having a simple conversation, people will converse strictly in concern of who tweeted what or how many likes they got on a picture. These moments sadden me the most. This age may be the generation of innovation but where has the innovation in one’s self gone?1941128_1599994680214752_266909405_nWhile technology has enhanced our lifestyle, improved medical explorations, and cured diseases the human ambition lacks the luster it once held. Children have become more concerned with what is happening in their phones then what happens right in front of them. Instead of reading a book they read tweets and instead of solving a math problem they try to untangle social media drama. We are training the youth to become slave. A complex arrangement of carbon becoming completely disabled with their device. Not the entire world sees this as a danger or an increasing problem. I challenge the readers of the Mountain View Mirror to go 2-3 weeks without their phones. Although this might sound crazy, you will see the profound happiness that may come.