Hilary Reaches Out to Latinos

Hilary Reaches Out to Latinos


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On May 20th, New York Times reported that Hilary Clinton has allowed Ms. Praeli who previously served as director of advocacy for United We Dream, to reach out to all latinos towards immigration. While campaigning for Democrats during last fall’s midterm campaign, many latinos interrupted Mrs. Clinton to ask what she will do to help immigrants who are everyday in fear of getting deported back to their countries.  “Hillary, do you stand with our immigrant families?” shouted one activist.

“Bringing Lorella into our campaign is the next step in making sure families aren’t living in fear of deportation, all students have the chance to go to college, and that any comprehensive immigration reform ensures full and equal citizenship,”

Mrs. Clinton may or may not be a ‘big contender’ when it comes to our 2016 presidential vote, but she is aiming at a huge problem that may earn her many votes. Deportation of lations all around the US has put many in fear. Many immigrants come to the US in hopes for a better life, a safer environment, and a better future. If Mrs. Clinton and Ms. Praeli could achieve their goal of reform for immigration policy and ending the constant cycle of deportation of illegal immigrants by applying ‘the dream’, then I honestly would not be surprised if she gets all the Latino citizens who are a growing number to vote for her on election day.