Hippies or Cult?

Hippies or Cult?


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I really don’t even know where to begin with this.

There is a group called the Twelve Tribes who have religious beliefs that are rooted in the writings of Christianity and Judaism. They don’t believe in living in modern day society. They believe that common living is necessary for salvation. Its almost as if they are Amish but in their own way. They believe that in order for the messiah to return, the church needs to be restored to its original form seen in the Acts 2:38-42 and Acts 4:32-37. Acts 2:38-42…

40 With many other words he warned them; and he pleaded with them, “Save yourselves from this corrupt generation.” 41 Those who accepted his message were baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that day.

  With that being said these people live almost like hippies. They grow their own food, build their own homes, ect.  These people give off this peaceful vibe and sense of innocence, but that is sadly not the case…

The Above photo shows members of the Asher community of the Twelve Tribes in Australia. It comes from a testimonial page of ex members.


Twelve Tribes Bus at Ocean Beach Market www.we...
Twelve Tribes Bus at Ocean Beach Market www.wegotocoolplaces.com (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week my aunt, who is a yoga instructor, was asked to have a private session by one of her neighbors.  She agreed and met with the man at the studio. She proceeded to ask him why he wanted to do yoga.  He broke down and said it was because of his religion. He and his wife were born and raised in the twelve tribes, and the story he tells my aunt is very different from the image the twelve tribes portray. He said that when someone has a child, at the age of 4 everyone can parent or punish the child as they please.  Also education is stopped at the fourth grade and then children are forced to start working as a planter, baker, etc. The most horrific thing he shared with my aunt was that usually little girls around the age of 4 are molested and raped.  Once this man’s own daughter was a victim of those acts.  This is why he, his wife and their children left the twelve tribes.

Keep in mind these people were born and raised in the tribes so that life was all they knew.  Now the family struggles with becoming adjusted to the mainstream American society. They smoke weed to self medicate all the trauma that the twelve tribes has left on them.  The children are behind in heir education and struggle to keep up.  Now the family houses other ex members who left the twelve tribes.

I think that it is incredibly sad that in this religious “group” or “cult”, however you choose to look at it, is allowed to do those types of things. I understand wanting to live a simple life and being closer to God, but how is any of that justified in the Bible? These types of acts are not acceptable in society but they are justified in the culture of the Twelve Tribes. I hate that this is going on and that its happening right here in Virginia!!!


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283 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)