Homework Could Save Their Lives!



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Education in Syria has hit an all time low for the child refugees still living there. Most off them got frightened and fled when the war broke out in 2011, a total of 2.1 million to be exact. A majority of the remaining students still remain out of school.

Help Syria’s refugee children by assigning them homework

A group in Canada is doing what it can to try and provide help. They launched a program called “LearnSyria” which also links with schools in Turkey to give the students of Syria “Rumie Tablets”. These tablets are loaded with various learning tools to make learning fun and easy for the kids, including the default language being Arabic making it even easier than that.

“Education is what will help these young Syrians rebuild their country,” says Rumie Initiative operations chief Allison Kavanagh. “With these tablets, we’re providing a library for the cost of a book.”

Individual donations are what keeps LEARN SYRIA with the resources and revenue it needs to continue to supply Turkey with the tablets that they then distribute to the students. These tablets are also convenient in the fact they they also record data so they students can see the students progress along his educational journey. The greatest feature that i think the students and teachers can both really agree on to be the best is that the tablets are still able to work offline and have all the features it needs to ensure learning.

Sometimes students need to work instead of going to school. Sometimes teachers can’t make it to class. The tablets are designed in an ordered list of exercises, so students can follow the lesson pattern, even without a teacher.”

If someone wants to help this program out but isn’t able to give a money donation they can also donate their time or volunteer by finding, evaluating, and organizing the right digital learning tools through Rumie LearnCloud. Which is a digital platform that stores and shares educational resources.

As of today more than 1,000 tablets have been shipped to Turkey. Allison Kavanagh says that they company is soon planning to expand to Lebanon, which also has a very high number of Syrian refugees. Even she knows that the children still want to fulfill their dreams, and she knows that this program will bring back the hope and energy that is needed to rebuild peace within the nation.