How Bad is Syria’s Future Looking?

How Bad is Syrias Future Looking?


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A top UN official told security council that the situation in Syria has gotten so bad that she doesn’t even know how to describe it. The brutality violence and the disregard for human life has gotten out of control. In these war zones there are conflicts with three combative parties. In total they have killed about 200,000 and injured approximately 1 million people without any safety for the children and citizens around them. ISIS have taken locals hostage and killed civilians by using explosive mortar and car bombs. They’ve committed “mass victimization” of civilians, including murder, enslavement, rape, displacement and torture. All parties involved don’t have regard to simple rules that in turn have severe consequences. In recent months there have been an increased number of kids getting stoned to death,beheaded,crucified, and executed. Also young children getting trained to be in their military camps. Also in recent months ISIS has used air bombs, and car bombs on schools, which has resulted in about 105 children deaths.

When is everyone going to fight against ISIS to defeat them? This has gotten way out of control as the UN said, but there can and will be a stop to these conflicts and deaths. I think the US should get involved and do something about these ignorant Syrian **s**les. Also other countries can help to fight against them too. I think it would do a lot of justice and would put them in there place. The future of Syria is looking worse and worse. How could people have so much hate that they would kill their own people and children. This is a sign of ultimate corruption and low self worth. The government is trying to help out but when they try to send medicine in to some areas ISIS and other corrupt groups don’t let that happen. This is a problem and we need to put more fear in the eyes of ISIS then they’re trying to put in ours. Maybe we have a bomb threat on them or maybe worse an atomic bomb threat. We wouldn’t actually do that but if we put the fear in their eyes they will freeze and may not know what to do. These are some ways to defeat them in order to restore Syria and their future.

It has also just come to my attention that US servicemen just launched their first ground attack on ISIS fighters. That’s what im talking about, they need to keep it up.