How different body types respond to weightlifting

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Have you heard of those people who complain they gain weight easily, or some people never gain weight despite how much they eat in a given day? Well, genetics plays a role on how you gain or lose weight whether in a form of muscle or fat.

There are three known body types: Ectomorph, Mesomorph, Endomorph. If you have an Ectomorph body type, then you are one those people who are blessed to have a naturally fast metabolism; Meaning that you burn energy/ food really fast compared to other people. You can easily identify a person who has an Ectomorph body type. They have a long and lean body frame, lean muscle with low body fat percentage and have difficulty gaining weight or muscle. People with a mesomorph body type is the most preferred body type by the weightlifting community mainly because mesomorphs are quick when it comes to adapting. Meaning that your body responds really quick to heavy lifting; they are also naturally muscular and have a built physique and have no trouble losing, or gaining in a form of fat and muscle. And lastly, by far, the most disliked body type by people in society is Endomorph. Those people who you occasionally hear complaining about their rapid weight gain have this body type. Endomorphs have a really slow metabolism which makes them prone to weight gain. It is also the hardest body type in terms of losing weight or your overall fitness. However, these problems can be overcome just by altering your diet to your corresponding body type. Ectomorphs should eat more often and also need high calorie intake. Since fat burning is baby talk for ectomorphs, eating carbohydrates shouldn’t be a problem. For endomorphs, weightlifting is more beneficial rather than doing long cardio exercises. Weight training damages muscles and overall burns more calories. Additionally, the food you ingest instead will fuel your muscles rather than being stored in your guts.

You can take a quiz to find out your body type: