How do people get a Green Card?

How do people get a Green Card?


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I have seen a lot of people asking this question

Why don’t immigrants come to the United States the legally?

Let me answer the question for you. The reason why some people decide to come to the United States in an illegal way is because the chances of getting a Visa or a Green Card are really rare. People can go and apply but this will take time; probably years. Usually people who immigrate to the United States because they have problems; these problems could be with gangsters that pick on people and even murder family members or economic issues for a better life. These are problems that you have to do something right away to solve. This is especially true when it is about gangsters or war. If you keep on waiting for a response of course they might have the chances to kill you.

The process of getting a Green Card takes a lot of time and is a big process. I came here with a Green Card with my family but unfortunately my little sister couldn’t come in with us. The reason why she couldn’t come in with us is because she wasn’t born when our process of getting our Green Card began. Now my mother has been to a lawyer to fill out the application for my little sister and 2 years have past and we still are waiting for a response. We hope that she will be with us soon.

These are some steps that you need to follow :

  • Step One – Your permanent resident relative must file Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative for you and it must be approved. You must wait for your priority date in your immigrant visa category to become current.  Your priority date is the date when the Form I-130 is properly filed (with correct fees and signatures) on your behalf by your U.S. permanent resident relative.  For more information on priority dates, see the “Visa Availability & Priority Dates” page.
  • Step Two – Once the priority date in your visa category is current, you may file for adjustment of status with Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. Adjustment of status is the process you go through to become a permanent resident. For more information, see the “Adjustment of Status” page

This looks like two simple steps but they cost a lot of money and time and you have to be patient for this process.

For more information from the Government Department of Citizenship and Immigration Services CLICK HERE.