How do we avoid another gun tragedy?

How do we avoid another gun tragedy?
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If I were to want to own a gun , there would be two ways to obtain one.

I can own a gun the illegal way by gun trafficking or legal way which is to go to a gun store.

I can find a gun store right around the corner. There are about 14,869 more guns stores in America than grocery stores!  How crazy is that? When you walk into a gun store and purchase a gun, the dealer would just run a background check.  Depending where you are background checks aren’t always accurate and effectiveness on the safety of Americans.

In just the beginning of 2018 , there has been 18 school shootings in just 45 days.

The latest one being the school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. What does this say about our gun laws? Unfortunately it is too easy to own a gun.

We need to do a better job on controlling guns. Criminals and Mentally Ill people legally purchase guns everyday. Where are at point where too many lives have been taken away, because of our mistake. This 19 year old had legally purchased AR-15-style rifle in the last year the same one he used at the high school. Why would a civilian need to own a military type gun. Guns have really advanced and so should the rules on owning one.

There are many people who support the 2nd Amendment. I truly believe there are people who own guns and use them properly. It also may help them feel safe or just incase their family is in danger they can be able to protect themselves. But we also have to worry about when people don’t use it safely, because a gun isn’t a toy. A gun is something powerful that can be very destructive when used the wrong way. In my opinion when trying to own a gun a background check isn’t enough. We have to make it a process. We have to make people take a Mental Health test, Age requirement, domestic violence, and state genuine reason(s) for their need to privately own and carry a firearm. Wherever you purchase guns , background checks should be 100% accurate and checked thoroughly. It would also be helpful if they kept on checking on these people. We need to avoid getting guns near those who are mentally ill or just aren’t in the right mind set. Let’s avoid families getting hurt by losing their loved ones.