How I Personally View Boxing

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I think the reason other people box is so that they can use it as an exercise, to get in shape. To feel good while doing it. For example there are gym’s where the coaches just hang punching bags from the ceiling, and people just go to these gyms to let loose and get a workout. Personally, I like boxing for a lot of different reasons. For example: it makes me strong, I can get faster, stronger punches. I can get rid of my anger by sparring with someone, and testing out my fighting capabilities against another fighter such as myself. I choose to be a boxer because deep down I have this primal urge to fight. With how the world is today, The way for me to be able to fight legally is through Boxing. I also have studied the variety of other combat sports. But for me the best one is boxing.


Boxing is a wonderful sport. It’s also a dangerous sport, and its not for the faint of heart. If you don’t have the drive to put in the time to do it. Then it’s not for you. What people mistake about boxing is. It’s not just the fight. Training is the hard part of boxing. If you can’t spare time in your day to practice your skills, or work on your endurance. Then don’t kid yourself. Anyone can fight. It’s about how long you can fight, and keep going. Pushing forward even on your worst days, and the worst conditions. If you are a boxer then you need to be interested and passionate about boxing. It’s not just a combat sport. It’s a community for people who love the sport, and are willing to sacrifice their body to do it.


I say this because I Have been a boxer for 4 years, and the first 2 years I was scared. I didn’t even wanna box because I wasn’t confident in my abilities to be in a match. To keep up with my opponent, and I didn’t have the drive to fight. Until one fateful day in March of 2020. Covid 19 took me away from Boxing. In the process of me choosing not to do it because I was scared, and being forced to stop. It made me realize how important boxing is to me. Now boxing’s all I can think about. The thrill of the fight, the punches, the rounds, the tension, trading blows, The Combos, outsmarting them, all of it. 


The point is: It takes heart to be a real boxer and have the skills to back up that claim. Now anyone can be a boxer if you have what it takes, and not a lot of people do. Its harsh, but its realistic. Some people cant handle reality. Which is why most people do it just to workout and get a good exercise in. The real difference is, one wants to stay away from the ring. While the other Can’t wait to step in the ring, and go a few rounds when they hear the Bell Ring.