How mobile devices affect our health

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In 2015, teens on average spend more than one-third of their days staring at their phones whether it is playing games, or social media. Technology has progressed over the years, and it is the reason why teens and including other people are using devices a lot more now. Additionally, the more we use our phones, our health will gradually get worse overtime. There are advantages and disadvantages when it comes to using our devices, an example of an advantage is that, communicating with other people via mobile phone is very convenient and helpful; however, a disadvantage of using phones is that it can affect our health whether it is mental or physical. It damages our mental health because of the light our phones emit. They emit blue light which can mess up our brain chemistry, which results to more problems afterwards, such as sleep and our overall mood. Phones emit a blue light which messes our sleep cycle causes the brain to think that it is still daytime which makes us less tired when we use it during evening. From then on, it will cause a chain reaction, if we do not get enough sleep our mood will degrade which will make us feel unmotivated and depressed. Depression is a world wide problem and the use of phones makes this mental illness much worse.

Sadly, as the technology progresses, the worse our health will become. However, I do think that there will be a solution for this problem in the upcoming years. Also, some people are more aware than others which makes them limit their use of cellphone. We can take actions now and start just by controlling our desires of using mobile devices.