How the United States changed after 9/11


El Chema

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On Tuesday, September 11, 2001. A catastrophe devastated the country. many comments surrounded the country blaming many people on who could do such a thing. the President George W. Bush was one of the president with a huge weight on his shoulders from so many people that died that day. Or as well so many people that got injured. After the 9/11 The chief executive created in November 25, 2002 the known Homeland Security.

The attack gave an impact in the Country. It left 2,996 dead people, injured over 6,000, and left over 10,000 billions on property damage. It caused one of the economic crisis in the country.

All of this attacks had involved airplanes. two planes crashed the two famous tallest buildings in the history of the United States they were known as twin towers. In within 42 many people died. People down the street saw many bodies die a lot of them jumped off the building since the highest from. Others jumped tossed on fire on their body. and much of them stayed inside the building and died when it collapsed.

The other attack was made on the Pentagon. Another airlines crashed on the pentagon. The flight 77 killed 64 people on board and 125 people in the building. The hijacking also died in the incident.

At the beginning Americans were blaming the immigrants for these disasters but the US intelligence got with the responsible. Al Qaeda an Islamic group was the one behind these tragedy. Their leader Osama bin laden took denied everything but in 2014 he admitted that all of the airplanes crashes were under his command.