How to download photos from


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As seen on the example below, when you open an album there is a title that shows how many views, how many photos, and there are two arrows:  one that  is a swoosh to the right for sending the link to friends, and a second arrow pointing down which allows you to download the whole album in one zip file.

(scroll down in this email to learn where the “down arrow” is for individual photos…)

If you only want to download a single photo, then click on the photo of your choice and it opens in it’s own screen with little right and left arrows for navigating. An example is linked below.  On an individual photo there is another “down arrow” in the lower right.  If you click on that, it allows you to choose what size photo you would like and download it directly to your phone, tablet or computer.

 Give it a try:

Graduation Photos:[email protected]/albums/72157670256294386
Luncheon:[email protected]/albums/72157670305547346
20th Anniversary:[email protected]/albums/72157669779732972

More Graduate Photos. HDTV Screen Captures of students receiving diplomas.[email protected]/albums/72157670402618355