How to Get to Washington DC



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Traveling to Washington DC from Centreville,VA   is easy if we know what to do. First, people need to start the engine of the car, and check  if we have gas on your car. Next, find the place where you were planning to go in DC, and put your address in your phone. Then, listen to the GPS for which exit we need to take. After, drive on  I-66 for more almost 45 minutes depending on the traffic in the mor

Theodore Roosevelt Island, an island in the mi...
Theodore Roosevelt Island, an island in the middle of the Potomac River near Washington, DC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ning. Then, take  the exit next to the Potomac River which is called  Constitution. Finally, looks for a safe public parking place to park a car, and go wherever we wants to go. In conclusion, listening to the GPS is the best way to travel anywhere.