How to Make Pupusas


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Making pupusas

Here is how you can make a delicious pupusas in a simple way so you can taste them in family. The pupusas are the best known and consumed typical of El Salvador saucer and are also known internationally. It is common that when tourists or foreigners visit our country.
First, you have to prepare the dough, which in El Salvador is usually made of ground corn is needed; although it may also be used milled rice. If you wish, you can also use cornmeal or rice flour.
basically an omelette, but the difference is that inside are added other ingredients that give it a unique flavor. These ingredients are usually the following and vary depending on pupusa. Then, you must prepare the flour, which is stirred with hot water to form the dough.
It takes a little dough and hit with the palm of the hand. . With practice can be perfected technique.
Finally, we pulled on the plate to give your cooking for a maximum time of 5 minutes.
And ready to serve and eat.