gang violence is real; what is the solution?

gang violence is real; what is the solution?
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Gangs are noted to be a structured group of adolescents or adult males or females who may use intimidation and violence to carry out criminal acts.

Gangs are a very important issue because the impact that they have on society. They act in negative ways because they change the character of a person or induce people of different ages to participate in situations of             “maximum delinquent violence“. , and the worst that sometimes there is no alternative, or you have to belong to one or the other because you can not have a neutral decision and that is called violence.

The gangs are a phenomenon that have seized the peace of several countries. Gangs have been growing very fast. Day by day gang members are responsible for keeping society in fear of losing their own lives. All people are victims of damage caused by gangs. the gang members are very dangerous people who have no love for anybody and a false love for themselves.  What I mean by this is that they are living a lie that tells them they belong to a family but gangs define respect with fear and violence.  They are well prepared organizations, each group is led by a boss who has to obey him as his superior, the boss never goes out to do homicides.

The El Salvador government estimates that there are at least 25,000 active gang members in the country, 9,000 of whom currently reside in prison.  Reuters News.
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Some people including President Trump have let gangs make them afraid of all immigrants. This map shows areas where MS 13 gang members have been arrested by ICE immigration officials from 2005-2014. Yes gangs are big problem but gang members are only a small amount of the immigrants coming to America.


Violence, however, for certain social sectors has become a business that leaves large rents and profits. People have to pay to have their lives safe. Citizens who go out to work every day leave with the fear of being killed but they go to work to survive and have something to give to their families. they put their life in risk. 

How can we find solutions to this growing problem?  Here are some ways:

All immigrants are not criminals, if Donald Trump wants to end violence by gang members, he should lead with the human values of family, love, and respect. Those values will help society to end with gangs because people who act without thinking will find healing and hope. We are  family that need love and respect nobody is different, but some people do not have those values. All humans need to be together us a family not to act like enemies. We are capable to make it reality. We just need to work together.