Civil Rights Protest Plan: Seeking Justice for Michael Brown



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This topic was written on September 9, 2014 by Aja J.Williams . This article talks about some protest planned to shut down Interstate 70 Wednesday to support of demands for justice in the shooting of Michael Brown. The purpose  for this protest is calling again for a special prosecutor to be appointed and review the case of Michael Brown.

The right to  protest is protected by the First Amendment.  This is one of the most important Amendments for Bill of Rights. Also, this is related  to the  Democratic Core Values of life, liberty, and equality . Because Michael Brown’s life was taken with police force there is much ongoing emotional response by citizens who do not feel protected by their police officers.

My opinion to solve this problem is the police officers  limit their use of too much power. They have to look to their authority and use it for the protection of citizens . The police officers should use justice to solve the problem. In this case most of the police officers are white, so their  has to be  some equality between the police officers and the citizens.

“You have the Michael Brown movement in your face because of your ongoing neglect,” one woman told the city council.

Added another, “We’re not going to let you go back to business as usual.”