Human nature

Human nature


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The news twists how we view the world.  In fact, many times the news has been used to bring people to a particular perspective, whipping them into a frenzy which actually causes a war, creating killing and inhumanity.  Therefore it is essential for you not to be one of the foolish ones who gets too excited by what they are hearing.  Humanity isn’t necessary slowly falling apart, but there’s always something going wrong.  There are people dying everyday, people being born…

In this picture someone posted to twitter showing one of our troops smiling as children are dead.. in society’s eyes our troops are our heroes.. but this man looks like a complete monster.

Its disgusting, I feel like America is very hypocritical. They try to keep our country safe but killing innocent kids.

Regardless of a war or not you have a mind of your own. How would your reaction be if someone threatened your family?  But when those men put on those uniforms they treat others like dogs… example Adolf Hitler. He tortured the Jews and had absolutely no compassion for them.  That’s because he didn’t look at them like they were human.  He looked at them like they were animals.

It ain’t all good, but to be completely honest we’re in a pretty good place right now as a species. But how many people died in traffic accidents today?  From cancer?  From a car bomb somewhere? From common murder?  How many had babies? Reunited with family?  Fell in love? Bought a new home?  Learned how to whistle?  Life is what it is, and you better live while you got it is all I really have to say.