Humanity Destroying Earth: We Must Act



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We are destroying our planet. As evidence, facts that prove it and news that shows it are clearly understood. Our activities are destroying the only planet we can live on. There is no other planet in which we could survive, so why are we destroying this one?  As a result of all our negative contributions to the earth, sea levels are rising causing floods, temperatures over 100 degrees cause wildfires, and extreme storms present in some parts of the world are destroying homes.

Air pollution has big consequences on our health. In Southern California 5,000 premature deaths are caused due to pollution from diesel trucks and above 50,00 people die in America every year due to air pollution. Moreover, 80% of lung diseases are caused due to pollution from other cars, buses, trucks and other vehicles.


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When 70 % of our Earth is ocean,  80 % percent of pollution enters from our land. We are polluting more and this is causing a negative impact.  We produce up to 300 million tons of trash at year . Parts of this trash ends in the ocean. 10,000 million marine animals died each year from plastic pollution. Plastic packing bands and rubber bands continue to harmful impact seals and sea lions . In fact, 98 percent of Albatrosses studied are found having ingested some kind of plastic such as lighters and bottle caps. We are polluting the ocean affecting and the environment. The air we daily use to breath is not pure anymore.



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We should clearly understand that our lives are in risk and animal lives are being taken for our irresponsible acts.The least we could do is think twice the next time we throw our trash anywhere. Lets care for the place we live in and the environment for a better future. An a healthy life.