Humanity, Love, and Fear.

Humanity, Love, and Fear.


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Z For Zachariah is nonfiction book written by Robert C. O’Brien. Everything started after a huge disaster of a nuclear war. A family lived in a valley up high in the mountains and radiation didn’t reach it. There were other valleys nearby. One day the family decided to go look for any existing of lives, but a 16 year old girl named Ann was left to take care of the farm and do chores. As the day turned into night, there was no sight of the family returning. At this point it seems like Ann is the only person alive in the world. However, after a year passed Ann sees a man wearing a protective suit and pulling a wagon with supplies miles away with her binoculars approaching the valley. Immediately she is happy because she hasn’t seen any sign of live since the rest of her family left. Could this man bring her problems?

A powerful message has been brought about humanity, love, and fear. It let us know how having to survive in situations like these two characters, can make people turn niceness to hate. The pressure of surviving between Ann and Mr. Loomis is critical; they both have different points view of survival. This book grants the reader a whole lot of characteristics to identify some of the struggles some people has to go through, and also the things they are of capable doing. Furthermore, Ann learned to care about Mr. Loomis, but the results from him weren’t what Ann expected. This makes a comparison to society. Because in the real world, there are people who are committed to help and care about others, but at the end there is very few people who appreciate things are done for them.

I liked Z for Zachariah because all the events were described using a variety of imagery. The description in every chapter was extremely realistic. The survival of Ann is surprising because she is just 16 years girl who is self sufficient. Her capability makes her become brave and strength which helps her not to let Mr. Loomis defeat her. Saying that, I can compare her lesson to achieving goals. In order for people to achieve goals, a lot of commitment is need it. It is the best to overcome at anything. Therefore, this book has giving me perspective of making reasonable decisions by just having self confidence. I would recommend Z for Zachariah to anyone who is seeking for good lessons about humanity, love, and fear.